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Handbag Purse - How Do You Match It?

A handbag purse is a wonderful accessory that complements any given outfit, and if chosen correctly, will even enhance its beauty. However, do you know how to match your handbag purse and more important to what to match it?

The Power of the Handbag Purse to Make You Look Good

As per the general trends, women usually match their handbag purse to their outfit color and texture. Did you know however, you could match your handbag purse to you to enhance your best attributes? Very few people know this little secret. Let us see how the handbag can actually do this.

For women who are tall, almost all the models of handbags will be suitable. Use medium sized bags to small size, because such bags will contrast against your size and make you look larger - not necessarily in a complementing manner. If possible use large patterns and bright colors instead of plain ones.

For petite women the best choice would be definitely small bags. A large bag would make you look even smaller and lost, while a medium bag would distract the eyes from you. Hence, the best bet when you are on the smallish size is a small handbag. In fact you should try to keep the bag at leg length to give you the impression of a little extra height.

The Handbag Purse Can Also Highlight a Part of Your Body Or Help Hide It

If you are a woman who has large breasts, then it would be possible that you would like to draw attention away from your endowment. It is very easy to do so, if you use your bag cleverly. For this purpose use a bright colored, wide bag on a long strap that reaches your hips. Keep the bag slung across your shoulder and have your hands rest on it. This will draw the attention of the onlooker to the bag, and serve your purpose.

If you are a large size take care that you never wear small purses on thin straps. These types of handbags will make you gigantic - which you would definitely not appreciate. Instead choose medium-sized purses which have a waist length strap. Avoid thin straps, rather you should use broad ones as this would stay in proportion with the body and attract lesser attention to it and you. There are handbag purses for every occasion, but now you know there are bags for every type of body.

Author - Stacey B. Hilton

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